Khidmat of our Aqa Moula Syedna Aliqadar Muffadal Saifuddin(TUS) by establishing a business networking and learning organization for mumineen in Houston Jamaat.

  • Uplift Houston Mumineen financial well being by assisting them in starting and growing their own businesses
  • Create awareness of Houston mumineen and muminaat businesses to the local, city, state, nationwide and international communities.
  • Provide a vehicle for mumineen to gather a wealth of business knowledge and experience
  • Help mumineen and muminaat develop and explore business opportunities in the area
  • Provide systems that allow for businesses to prosper and grow

Committee Responsibilities

  • Implement a business mentoring program.
  • Hold business education seminars
  • Business networking meetings to encourage further business growth
  • Encourage muminaat bheno to start home based cottage industry businesses.
  • Establish an office to allow mumineen to come and share their business ideas, challenges and seek guidance.

Committee Members

Mustafa Raja

AliAsgher Sunelwala

Murtaza Suterwala

Mohammed Millwala

Tahir Kanchwala

Muffaddal Motiwala

Aliasgar Dhoon

Yusuf Farosh

Mohammed Salim

Hussein Presswala

Mohammed Zakir