Customer Relationship Management - Automation with CRM Tools

It is Aqa Moula TUS's wish that in today's rocket age, mumineen run their businesses using the latest technology and processes available. BBCCH is presenting this class with the help of Huzaifa Bhai Sadiq Ali, who runs a local digital marketing agency and is a certified Infusionsoft partner, to educate mumineen on the use of basic CRM. 

Improve your Business Processes with Simple Tech Tools

Contact Management

With the help of easy to use CRM apps, you can manage all your contacts in one place. This helps in setting up personalized marketing campaigns to reach out to your previous customers, new prospects and also up-sell your services to your current customers.

Marketing Automation

CRM tools help you set - up an automated series of emails based on the actions taken by your customers on your email, website or social media.

Financial Automation

Connect the CRM tool with your accounting software, send the invoice reminders, capture subscription payments automatically with one time set-up!

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Construction Projects Bidding

How to look for or find projects

  • Bidding as a subcontractor

  • Identify project scope

  • Quantity and material takeoff

  • Identify labor cost

  • Bid submission process

Presented by:

Burhan Ali


SMB Group, LLC


Construction Bidding BBCCH Presentation

Video Recording of December 15, 2018 Session

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How a Young Entrepreneur Planned his Path to Small Business Success

Saturday August 13th

In this informal session, Bhai Hussain Ali Jabalpurwala discussed his personal experiences in planning and growing his business. Using branding as a cornerstone of his marketing and public relations strategy, he saw exponential business and personal growth. He shared insights into how rigorous networking helped an introvert IT professional, such as himself, thrive as a digital signage expert. Lastly, he discussed how branding and networking translated into actual $$$ for him. To read more about Bhai Hussain, you can view his profile at

Bhai Hussain touched on these points during the presentation: 

  • Mindset: How I geared up before starting my business
  • Brand: What it meant to me and how I developed it
  • Networking: What it entailed and where it lead me
  • Growth: What my strategy was missing
  • Technology: How I leveraged it to achieve my business goals

For those that attended the session, you can view his presentation materials here


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